Saturday, 11 May 2013

some quotes

what last wont come easy;;     
SUCCESS IS NOT THe key to happiness,
happiness is the key to success,,if you are
happy you are successful..
NOONE CAN Stop you at anything or take anything away from you, only you yourself can do
that, so never allow it keep your headup stand tall and smile because you are beautiful ,i am beautiful we are all beautiful beings inside and out,dont let anyone tell you differently, because the only rubbish that would amount to is a big fat negative untrue lie.   being uplifting to one another is a beautiful thing trying to continue and to harrase and or put someone down  is an ugly thing.
DEAR PAST THANK you for all your lessons;dear 
future i am ready and continue to be ready, to reach and go places and explore places ive never been.
past people theres a reason they are your
past and havent made it to your future. 
MY focus is no longer on people its on faith 
and answering the questions in my mind about the
unexplained in the universe.  
Ill always pursue my art, but the pieces creating 
my art weither its music,modeling or writing will
always take time,just like painting a perfect picture
takes time and effort.

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